The single greatest problem facing human beings - across all times and all cultures - is the absence of wisdom. 

The aim of the Fountainhead Wisdom Service is to solve this problem for individuals and ultimately for our society by creating a wisdom culture.

What is Wisdom?

A simple definition of wisdom is the practice of correcting false conclusions - about ourselves and reality - that cost us what we care about the most.

False conclusions cost us at the personal level wherever we fail in living a personally meaningful life - in relationships, family, work and society.

False conclusions cost us at the universal level where we are prohibited from profound realisation or what is traditionally called awakening to the true nature of existence.

And false conclusions are costing us today on a global scale, in our inability to recognise the extraordinary problems facing us and all life on the planet because of false individual and cultural beliefs.

A wisdom culture isn’t a society where everyone is enlightened, but where the fact our false conclusions cost us what we care about the most - at a personal and existential level - is common knowledge to the person on the street, and the correction of these false conclusions through wisdom practice or recourse to a professional is seen as a social and moral responsibility.

How to create a wisdom culture

We need two things: 

1. A new, regulated, ethical profession in the wisdom counsellor, where people can dedicate their lives to best practice in resolving our false conclusions at every level.

2. The most extensive wisdom research program ever undertaken, to understand the structure and purpose of the mind on its own terms, and where we can create an evidential base for a public understanding of wisdom.

The Fountainhead Wisdom Service will begin by offering training to individuals already concerned with wisdom, as an alternative to amateurish and dangerous religious and new age traditions, before migrating into already established medical or therapeutic settings through the research program, whilst broadening out with a program to include excellence in all professional contexts.

A comparable saturation of the wisdom counsellor to the psychotherapeutic profession - and its popular beliefs that we see in today’s heavily psychologised society - would mean we would have effectively transitioned to living in a wisdom culture.

Our own extinction event

It’s popular today to talk about becoming a multi-planetary species to avoid a possible extinction event, but this means we’re failing to notice the slow motion extinction happening outside our windows right now, and it’s due to an absence of wisdom as individuals and as a civilisation. It’s possible for the master plan to fail for all manner of reasons, but unless we solve this problem, wherever we go we will continue to be our own extinction event.

But if we succeed, we will live in a society for the first time informed by a scientific description of the structure of the mind and reality with a normalisation of profound spiritual experience, including an institutionalised ideal way to participate in this level of realisation, a new standard in making sense of and treating mental health issues, and a social duty to take responsibility for our own false beliefs so that we can achieve what we care about the most, both individually and ultimately as a culture.

The Next Step

If you wish to take the first step in the Fountainhead master plan with us, you can visit the online portal for the Service at IAMFOUNTIANHEAD.COM, which provides training in wisdom practice, so that individuals can first learn to heal themselves through correcting their own hidden false conclusions, before offering to help others with the possibility of training to become a professional wisdom counsellor.